Variable Speed Drives

The variable speed drives (VSD) or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) are components used to control the speed of machinery. Countless industrial procedures such as assembly lines require a variety of speeds for in order to build or process different products. When the application uses a variation of flow from a pump or fan, the control of the frequency will save energy and machine wear over time.

Our range of innovative, easy to install, user friendly and space saving variable speed drives are loaded with features to suit all types of applications on your machinery. We only offer the highest quality European made frequency drives to ensure top performance and reliability. We also offer technical support for all our range to provide the best solutions for our customers’ applications. The range of Variable speed drives from Emotron for motor speed control, improving process control, protection and energy efficiency. Built-in, Wall mounted or machine mounted. IP rating up to IP65 and range from 0.37kW to 3000kW.

Emotron FDU and VFX 2.0 series AC drive optimizes your process and prevents damage and downtime. The combination of direct torque control, accurate speed control, and efficient vector braking makes it the ideal solution for all dynamic and constant torque applications, such as cranes, crushers, mills, mixers, and centrifuges. In addition, the Emotron FDU and VFX variable speed drive are developed for selected applications such as Cranes, Marine, Power, Material and Water handling etc. which means enhanced functionality tailored to your specific needs.