Servo Motors

Servo drives from Lenze meet high quality standards and impress with their refined and application-oriented design. This allows them to meet the ever stricter demands being placed on drive technology by machine and plant manufacturers. As the heart of a drive train, servo motors are easy to fit and offer a long, maintenance-free service life.

Lenze has developed four different series of servo motors to cater to various target applications. These include the synchronous servo motors in the MDXK Sseries and the compact MCS series for highly dynamic applications with high overload capacity. The MCA series has proven itself as a range of robust, all-purpose asynchronous servo motors for high speeds, while the through-blown asynchronous servo motors in the MQA and MDFQA series are tailor-made for the rigours of continuous operation.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Servo motors.

High torque efficiency and excellent dynamic performance.

Power range: 0,25-15,8kW

IP ratings available: IP23, IP54, IP65