Lenze 8200 Vector

The 8200 vector frequency inverter combines optimum power with high drive performance in a single universal system. The modular product range can solve your individual drive tasks – at a very reasonable price.

Always the same, whatever the size

We want you to feel comfortable with the 8200 vector – across the entire power range from 0.25 to 90 kW. With its vector control, the 8200 frequency inverter not only offers the best drive features, its various ratings share the same functions and are controlled and operated in exactly the same way. Once you can use one, you can use them all!

No more than you need

You only need to buy what you actually need. As it is a modular system, the 8200 vector can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. So why pay more?

In use all over the world

Our 8200 vector can be used wherever you like – not only in terms of whichever machine you choose, but also whichever country you choose. The wide input voltage range of up to 500 V (+10%) means that you don’t need to give a second thought to the country of use – and it goes without saying that the 8200 vector range is certified to international standards.