Emotron MSF softstarter

Starting an electrical motor involves a number  of challenges, such as high start currents and mechanical stress on equipment. This results  in high energy, installation and maintenance  costs.

Whilst traditional softstarters handle the  most common start challenges, Emotron  MSF 2.0 offers a lot more. Start and stop  sequences are optimized. Advanced braking  techniques increase productivity. Built-in  monitor functionality protects your process  from inefficiency, damage and downtime. Easy  installation and set-up save time and money. In addition, the Emotron MSF is developed for  selected applications, which means optimized functionality adapted to your specific needs.

A softstarter beyond the ordinary!


High performance Softstarters with inbuilt load monitoring 5.5 – 1800 kW IP00,20.

The Emotron MSF 2.0 Softstarters offer optimized start and stop sequences, advanced braking techniques and built-in monitor functionality. The Softstarters have been developed for pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, mill and mixer applications.