Emotron – M20

Emotron M20 shaft power monitor helps you save time and money. It  protects your pumps or other applications against damage and detects  process inefficiency. Early warnings allow you to take preventive action. Unique features include measuring shaft power output and using the  motor as a sensor. The result is reduced maintenance and installation costs, extended equipment lifetime and increased reliability.

The Emotron M20 uses a unique technique to monitor motor  shaft power. The result is an accurate and linear motor load  value across the whole load range. The shaft power output  is calculated by measuring motor input power, sometimes called true power, and subtracting the motor power loss calculated using a unique and precise principle.

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and downtime. Early warnings allow for preventive action thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. The ability to use the motor as a sensor reduces installation costs.