8400 Topline Servo

8400 TopLine – the inverter with servo qualities within the 8400 range. Equipped with everything needed for high dynamic performance and accuracy in complex applications. Alongside a resolver input, a multiple encoder input (which can be used at the same time) is also provided which optimally supplements the range of feedback systems that can be used. Cross communication between multiple TopLine units requires minimum wiring (3-core), as it runs via the separate axis bus. Alongside asynchronous motors, TopLine also supports dynamic synchronous motors via feedback.

Benefit from precisely tailored, cost-optimised Lenze drive units, consisting of prepared system cables,motors and gearboxes, feedback brakes, fans and of course the 8400 TopLine. The 8400 TopLine is, for example, recommended for storage and retrieval units, synchronised line drives and pick-and-place applications.

Inverters for dynamic motion applications. Ideal for controlling synchronous motors. 0.37 – 45kW