FCR Motion Technology Unveils Motovario NMRV Power Series

These next generation gearboxes offer an increase in flexibility and mechanical performance and also have a distinctive patented angular shape from the traditional square look to differentiate the latest range from unauthorised copies that have been introduced into the market in recent times.

“This is a first for Australia and takes worm gearbox technology to a new level,” says Product Manager, Eugene Buckley.

“A choice of input couplings and flanges allow three different motor sizes to be fitted to the one gearbox. This feature will enable distributors and OEMS to reduce the number of units that they keep in stock.”

Performance has been improved by the use of new materials in the worm wheel and the design of the casing, which permits a higher level of thermal exchange and torque. The result is more power from the same size gearbox.

“Efficiency and flexibility can be further increased by use of a modular helical pre-stage on the input,” Mr Buckley said. “These are available in a wide range of ratios and their use can increase the overall performance by a remarkable 60%.”

The NMRV Power is now available in sizes 063, 075, 090 and 110


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October 22, 2014 12:33 pm