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The UN’s latest report on climate change shows that energy consumption by the industrialised nations, most of which currently takes the form of burning fossil fuels, is changing the world’s climate.

The situation is worsened by the rapid, economic development of newly industrialised countries. If the per capita energy consumption in these parts of the world were to increase to the level of the world’s major economic nations, we would soon run out of primary sources of energy.

We therefore need to reduce our consumption of resources by looking for alternative ways of generating energy and also making more efficient use of the energy we do have.

Only by taking this approach will we be able to sustain the levels of production and prosperity we currently enjoy. As a result all industrialised nations have set ambitious targets for reducing their CO emission

The importance of electric drives:

Almost half the electric energy produced in Europe is used by industry. Electric drives are responsible for around two thirds of this power consumption.

There is virtually no part of the production process, automated transport of material or factory infrastructure that works without electric drives. As electric drives consume a high proportion of total energy and represent a wide range of uses, they are also the most effective lever for improving energy efficiency within industry. A reduction of more than 20% is possible through the use of intelligent solutions.

Better use of energy equates to less pollution, conservation of resources and a reduction in energy costs with the same level of productivity. This will allow us to achieve the same production output with considerably less electric energy.


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October 22, 2014 12:32 pm